Which Country Produces the Most Solar Panels? Top Statistics

Plenty of countries around the world have committed to generating environmentally-friendly energy and helping in the fight against climate change. 

Their goal is to use the sun’s power and turn it into a viable source of electricity. In 2022, the solar energy industry is rapidly growing as countries continue to generate solar power in both small and large capacities.

However, which country produces the most solar panels? We, at SolarDorm, have provided all the necessary information below. Stay focused and find out!

Which Country Produces the Most Solar Panels

Which Country Produces the Most Solar Panels?

In terms of global capability, some countries perform better than others. So, which country produces the most solar panels? 

The world’s largest manufacturer of solar panels is China, which has a much bigger solar capacity than any other country in the world. 

Aside from China, countries that produce the most power using solar panels are the following: United States, Japan, India, Germany, Italy, the UK, Australia, France, and South Korea.

China (340 GW) – The world’s largest solar panel manufacturer

With 240 GW, China has the largest solar energy capacity and is the world’s leading producer of solar energy. Also, as of 2018, the country continues to hold the record for the biggest solar installation currently in operation.

They aim to reduce emissions and use renewable energy because China is one of the most polluting countries worldwide.

China has the largest installed solar energy fleet exceeding 205 GW by the end of 2019. The country has a large market for photovoltaics and solar thermal energy. In 2022, China deployed more than 48 GW of solar (PV) systems.

This is not surprising, as this country is the largest electricity consumer. Over the last 12 years, China’s average share of the solar supply chain has reached 84%. 

The nation has invested more than 50 billion USD in supply capacity, which is far more than the entire continent of Europe, making China the largest manufacturer of such equipment. With over 35% global capacity, China is the leader in solar installation.

China (340 GW) - The world’s largest solar panel manufacturer

More about the largest manufacturer of solar panels 

This country is the home of the world’s top suppliers in terms of solar manufacturing equipment. 

The largest solar panel project is the Huanghe Hydropower Hainan Solar Park, located in the Qinghai province. 

China has no intentions of slowing down any time soon and has set ambitious goals for the future. In 2020, Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed the nation aims to become carbon neutral by 2060. 

Other Top Solar-Producing Countries

Aside from China, the USA secures the second spot on the list of top solar countries with 102.9 GW of solar power capacity. Then comes Japan with 28.5 GW, Germany with 62 GW, and India with 57 GW. 

Among the countries that produce the most solar panels are also Australia, South Korea, Italy, France, and the UK. 

However, they expect more countries to join them, as solar power is becoming the most effective electricity source. 

Why Is Solar Power Important?

When geopolitical tensions exist between countries worldwide, coal, oil, and gas resources are unpredictable. 

For this reason, many countries are searching for a renewable source of energy that will not only be more environmentally friendly and affordable. Solar power also causes less electricity loss and improves the grid’s security. 

The installation of solar panels also promotes the economy, creating additional jobs as more people use solar power. 

The cost of solar energy has fallen significantly over the last decade, which is another reason so many countries have turned to the usage of solar energy. 


To conclude, which country produces the most solar panels? At the top of the list is China, the country with the biggest solar capacity, whose goal is to use renewable solar energy and reduce emissions. 

As can be seen, the idea of transforming solar power into electricity provides many advantages, which is why the global solar energy market has grown at an exceptional rate in recent years. 

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